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My love of photography began with my first camera in 1975. I’m Jeffrey Wolk, owner and president of Wolk Imaging, I'm an Innovative Photographer with years of experience in printing and pre-press. I enjoy the challenge of finding new and better ways to create and reproduce photographic items for clients. This focus has helped me solve numerous problems over the years; including problems that initially presented significant technical and cost challenges. At Wolk Imaging we thrive on the excitement of the creative collaborative process with our clients. Our goal is to create unique images tailored to the client’s needs.

Our Inner-Artist

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I am passionate about Igniting the“Inner-Artist Excitement Spark” we all have inside by using photography techniques. Most of us found tremendous joy while creating a variety of art as children, and then as we grew older, many of us lost that joy because we were encouraged to develop our logical left-brain more than our creative right-brain. Isn’t it ironic that in the business world we need to think “outside the box”? I know that we are all capable of producing beauty; it’s just a matter of re-awakening that creative spirit. Photography can be as exhilarating and fun as that new box of Crayola Crayons we got as a kid. For me, teaching others how to take their photographs from simple snapshots to works of art that they love is an awesome experience.

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