The Rawlings Conservatory Workshop

Saturday, December 2nd

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Options 8 Hour Course – You can take our Rawlings Conservatory class either as an 8 hour course where it is combined with our Introduction to Digital Photography class.  See below for details.

Option 4 Hour Course – You can join us for the four hour class if you have already taken our 4 hour Introduction to Digital Photography class.  We do expect if you join us for the four hour class you know how to use your camera.  See below for details.


The Rawlings Conservatory

Baltimore is very lucky to have the Rawlings Conservatory as one of its place to visit.   In 2013 Rawlings celebrated its 125th Anniversary.  It is the second oldest glass conservatories in America.  It opened in 1888 as the Druid Hill Conservatory.

The Rawlings Conservatory is located in Druid Hill Park.  Druid Hill Park, Cylburn Arboretum, the Baltimore City Hall and the Rawlings Conservatory were all designed by architect George A. Frederick.  When it opened in 1888 Rawlings Conservatory had only two rooms.  It had the Palm House and the Orchid Room.

In 2002 the Conservatory was closed for major renovations.  When it re-opened in 2004 it had been expanded with three new rooms.  The Mediterranean House, the Tropical House and the Dessert Room were all added.  The Conservatory was re-named the Howard Rawlings Conservatory in honor of the Maryland House of Delegates chairperson of the appropriations committee Howard Rawlings. He must have done some major lobbing to get that honor

The Palm House is still one of the most stunning areas.

The Orchid Room is the most colorful

The Mediterranean Room has some more muted plants.

The Desert Room is a little more to the point.

The Tropical Room is wet and full of beautiful flowers and Plants.

We will explore all these on our visit to the Rawlings conservatory.  You will learn how to use your camera while enjoying some beautiful plants and flowers.

The Workshop includes our Introduction Workshop and 4 hours of photography in Rawlings Conservatory.

Time: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location for the first four hours:

Roger Miller’s Photography Studio

1411 Hollins Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Cell Phone: 410-245-2395


Meet at Subway (Carroll Independent Fuel)

2725 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410 467-2111


Meet at the Rawlings Conservatory:
3100 Swann Dr, Baltimore, MD 21217

Best to park on Beechwood Dr.


You must schedule this Workshop ahead of time.  Do not just show up.  Please schedule with Jeffrey Wolk at .


Cost: $275.00 if you book with us direct the cost is $125.00.  We can take cash, PayPal, credit cards or a check.  For checks make payable to Image Publishing, Ltd and send to Roger Miller at the above address.  For PayPal make a deposit to Roger Miller at .  For credit cards call Roger Miller at 410-245-2395


What to bring:

  • Digital Camera (required)
  • Fully charged camera batteries
  • 2 – 4 gigabytes of flash memory
  • Tripod (highly recommended but optional)
  • Addition Lens (highly recommended but optional)
  • Cable Release (highly recommended but optional)

 What to wear:

  • Comfortable clothes appropriate for indoors or outdoors
  • Comfortable shoes for walking

Four Hour Photography in Rawlings Conservatory

This is only for people that have taken our Introduction to Digital Photography class and know how to use their cameras but want to join us in the Rawlings Conservatory for practice.  You will not get better at photography if you do not practice.


You must schedule this with us ahead of time.  Schedule with Jeffrey Wolk see above information.


Meet us at 1:00 pm at the Subway on Main Street in Annapolis.  See above for exact location.


Cost:  $75.00 See above for how to make payment.