Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop

This four-hour class is set up to give you all the basics of Digital Photography.  We cover the material in lectures with power point presentations to help you see and understand the material.  We cover the fundamental aspects of your camera, shooting in manual mode, aperture priority, shutter priority and program modes.   We will cover the basic file types such as RAW files, NEFs, CRWs, DNGs, JPEGs and TIFFs and which to use and when.  As complicated as it all sounds we will simplify the process to four things you need to remember about your camera.  They are aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white-balance. Oh you also need to take your lens cap off.


Our classes are small with a limit of 12 people.  You will get hands on instruction with your camera.  We will set up your camera to operate properly and then we will get you to do some photography.  Talk is cheap but hands-on is where it is at.  We will have you shooting in class before we go out to practice with your assignments.

Besides the basics we will introduce you to understanding how to get good exposures.  How do you use and understand your histogram. What is a histogram? What is metadata?  How to find your metadata and what it will tell you about your image.

Which is the best lens for my camera?  We will explore the options you have with lenses for your camera.  We will show you wide angle lens, normal lens, telephoto lenses and ultra –wide lens.

Design is an important aspect of getting good photos.  We will cover some of the important aspects and rules to consider in composing you images.

Post-processing is a very important part of digital photography.  Every digital image needs to be enhanced.  We will demonstrate the power of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  If you are interested in learning more we have a class on Adobe Lightroom please join us.

We are then ready to go out and do ‘live” action photography in the field.  We have put together nine different assignments for you to work on with us.  They cover most of the important aspects you will need to deal with in photography.  These include portraits, close up photos, stop-action photos, blur-images or slow shutter photos and making a good landscape.  Yes we will be there to help you get some good images.


I do not know if I can remember all of that material.  Do not worry we will give you notes that will review all of what we covered in class.  Have some more questions you can contact us.  It is now up to you.  The only way to improve your photography is to practice.  Join us for one of our extended Workshops.  The fun is just beginning!


Every person that attends our Workshops will get a copy of Roger Miller’s book on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.  This is a $44.50 book, full color with 168 pages and a foreword by President Bush, SR. Ask about Roger’s other books at great discounts on all of them.


Begin enhancing your Digital photography by calling or emailing today!

Cost: $225*
Extended 8 hour classes : $275*
* More than 50% discount is available!!!

Dates (We will continue to add new dates)

Saturday, July 22nd (4 Hour)
Saturday, July 29th  The Lightroom Workshop
Saturday, August 12th  (4 Hour)
Saturday, August 26th *(8 Hour) Annapolis

Join us for one of our 8 Hour Workshops and get actual field experience touring Annapolis or Baltimore for only $50 more**


Annapolis Workshop Photo Ops

**You must book this when you register for the workshop.**

Workshop is limited to 12 attendees (keep in mind that the workshops will fill up quickly as the date approaches)


We will meet at 9 a.m. at:

Roger Miller’s Photography Studio.
1411 Hollins St.
Baltimore, MD 21223-2417

Google Map

Please Email Jeffrey (Jeffrey Wolk with:

• Date you plan to attend (Choose a date that reflects the option you prefer)
• Voucher Number
• Phone Number

What to bring:

  • Digital Camera (required)
  • Fully charged camera batteries
  • 2 – 4 gigabytes of flash memory
  • For Workshops in Annapolis – Valid Photo Identification  (will be needed to get into certain areas and it good to have one anyway)
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Addition Lens (optional)
  • Cable Release (optional)

 What to wear if attending the optional portion of the workshop:

  • Comfortable clothes appropriate for outdoors
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around Baltimore or Annapolis